How to Get A New Roof During COVID-19 With Some Digital Help!

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have affected just about every industry out there, all in different ways.

Where roofing is concerned, it has made things a little challenging depending on local social distancing mandates as well as the need for at-risk people to stay isolated.

Yet roof repairs and new [...]

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Flat Roofs – Learning About Their Benefits!

Consider these great reasons to discuss plans with an experienced flat roofer before automatically deciding on the traditional pitched roof design.

1. Simple, Minimalistic Design

Flat roofs are built using a very simple design since they only require a slight angle to promote water drainage and nothing more.

They are [...]

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Do You Know Why Your Roof’s Drip Edge Must Be Done Right?

Often improperly installed or simply forgotten altogether, a drip edge is a critical element of any roof.

This strip of metal that hides under the edge of the roofing is instrumental in its purpose, which is to keep water rolling off the roof from soaking the facia and underside of [...]

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How Do I Find A Qualified Roofer To Fix My Roof?

Finding a qualified local roofer can be a real challenge considering how many of them are out there.

To find one that will do a good job on a new roof or repairs, charge a fair price, and stand behind their work, start off by getting a few referrals from [...]

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Total Roof Protection – Synthetic or Felt Underlayment?

Roofing underlayment is one of many essential components that make up a roof.

Available in multiple types, this seemingly insignificant layer places under the exterior roofing materials actually plays a critical role in how well any roof installation done by a professional roofing company performs.

Before assuming any underlayment product [...]

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When To Consider Buying Impact Resistant Roofing Shingles!

Storms happen and when they bring hail with them, expensive hail damage roof repair can be the result.

If you live in an area where this kind of damage occurs frequently, one option to consider is impact resistant roofing.

Designed to withstand the impact of most hail, it could be [...]

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Here’s A Checklist To Identify Storm Damage to Your Roof!

It is storm season in Texas and for many home and building owners, that might mean storm damage that requires roofing repair.

What is a good way to know if your roof sustained damage and you need to get roofing repair services?

Use this quick and handy checklist to check [...]

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Fixing Hail Damage – What It Could Cost to Restore Your Roof!

Of all the things that can damage a roof, hail can be the worst.

Depending on the extent of the damage and how widespread it is, hail damage roofing repair can be quite costly, too.

If your roof has been affected by hail, it is essential to have a roof [...]

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The Color of Metal Roofs – Does It Matter?

A great feature of the many metal roofs available today is the range of colors that are offered.

What began as an option available from metal roofing companies in only a few basic choices has expanded over the decades into numerous color options.

All these color choices allow home and [...]

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