Any commercial or residential roof replacement is a large and expensive investment in your home or building.

Naturally, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend more than necessary on a roof or end up with one that has problems over time or does not last as long as it should.

How can you avoid these problems when a roof replacement is needed?

Be certain to get long-lasting, quality work from a roofing service by being sure to avoid these common roofing mistakes!

1. Putting It Off or Never Get Round To It

If you already know you need to replace your roof due to signs of aging or other problems, delaying the inevitable is probably not going to save any money and instead might actually cost you more.

As the roof condition worsens, it increases the likelihood that there will be undiscovered leaks or other problems that cause additional damage requiring additional roofing services.

You could go from needing a new roof to needing structural work done as well!

2. Hiring the Wrong Roofer

Being a roofer is an exacting job that requires skill, training, and attention to detail.

It’s essential to thoroughly research and interview roofers before hiring to be sure you choose a reputable service that:

  • Has competent, well-trained employees.
  • Is honest.
  • Offers a good warranty.
  • Provides a great new roof at a reasonable price.

The roofer you hire should be:

  • Licensed and have proof of insurance.
  • Trained and approved to install the products they use.
  • Willing to perform a thorough and honest inspection.
  • Able to provide a detailed estimate.
  • Ready to stand behind their quality workmanship.

3. Installing New Materials Over Old

Though it may seem like a money saver to install new materials over the old to avoid removal and disposal costs, it’s a huge mistake.

That will not provide a proper surface to install new roof materials, make getting accurate inspections harder, and cause any future problems to cost twice as much.

In addition, since it is very unlikely that an experienced roofer will do that, so consider it a red flag if a contractor suggests doing that as a way to cut costs.

4. Skimping On Material Cost

There is a huge selection of materials out there to use to install a new roof with a wide range of prices.

You may not be able to afford the highest costing materials; however, don’t settle for the least expensive either.

In terms of roof materials, you definitely get what you pay for.

Installing a roof using cheaper materials with a short life expectancy is a waste of money when compared to the added cost of better materials that will last exponentially longer if well maintained.

5. Not Looking At the Fine Print

Roofing estimates and warranties from roofing services can be complicated, so it’s essential to read them over carefully and understand what you are and are not getting.

Have estimates provided by potential roofers spelled out in detail to include materials and labor, cleanup and disposal costs, as well as any other warranted fees you may be charged.

A warranty should be written in plain language and include details about manufacturer’s warranties, contractor warranties, how they apply, and who pays for what under which conditions.

Know ahead of time your recourse if there is a problem with the roof materials or workmanship, what it will take to resolve it, and what you might do to void the warranty.

Avoid Common Mistakes To Get A Quality Roof

Replacing your roof requires a lot of forethought and research to choose a roofing service that will do a superior job on your roof.

Before you call any roofing service, consider how to avoid these critical mistakes to be certain of getting your money’s worth and a long-lasting, trouble-free roof!

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