A tile roof installation is a wonderful addition to your home that can give it traditional character and greatly improve its appearance.

Tile is also a favorable choice for roofing replacement due to its energy-efficiency and durability.

To get a full life out of your tile roof, it’s critical that it receive proper care as if it is ignored, that beautiful tile will deteriorate sooner than it should.

Prolong the roof of your tile roof and reduce the need for costly repair by following these important tile roof servicing tips!

Tip #1 - Stay Off That Tile!

The number one way to damage a beautiful tile roof is to walk on it as those tiles are a lot more delicate than they may appear; one wrong step can cause them to crack or break under your feet!

When you have a roofing company install tile, do so knowing that you should always call a professional to do close-up inspections and any needed maintenance or repairs as they have the training and know-how to reach all parts of tile roofs without damaging them.

Tip #2 - Keep It Clean

Roof tiles are made from porous, organic material that can hold moisture and other material that promotes the growth of moss and algae which can stain and deteriorate tiles over time.

Dirt and other debris can collect on the tiles and rot after a period of time.

To prevent these conditions and keep your tile roof looking and top-performing, it’s essential to clean it periodically and apply a sealant to preserve the surface.

Since these cleanings must be performed carefully and should never be done with a pressure washer, it’s recommended that you hire tile roofing services to do it for you.

Tip #3 - Keep the Trees Trimmed

Trees are responsible for a lot of the damage that can occur to tile roofs as their branches can rub and scrape the tiles as well as break or lift them, while leaves left behind can add to organic debris that can rot and promote algae growth.

The easiest way to reduce this kind of damage is to keep all trees close to the building well pruned so the branches cannot touch and leaves won't fall on the roof.

Tip #4 - Inspect Tile Regularly

Because tile is more susceptible to damage than asphalt shingles and metal roofs, have your roof professionally inspected at least every two years by a roofing company that can get up high and take a closer look.

In between those inspections, do your own visual inspection after storms; if anything seems unusual, ask your roofer to check it out right away to prevent further roof damage.

Tip #5 - Keep Up With Repairs

If you discover cracked or broken tiles during one of your inspections or any other damage to your tile roof, arrange for roof repair immediately.

Damage left unrepaired can result in additional damage due to leaking and destruction of the adhesive under other tiles in that area.

This can lead to more broken tiles and leaks that can slowly do widespread damage over a much larger area.

Good Care Encourages Tile Roof Longevity

Ceramic and pottery tile roofs can last almost a lifetime when installed correctly by a skilled roofer and then properly maintained afterward.

Failure to maintain tile roofs can lead to serious damage over time, shortening their serviceable life so that you need a roof replacement sooner than you should.

Using these five simple tips, your roof will stay in great condition and remain a beautiful part of your home!

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