A common question that roofers get asked by home and building owners is how long their roof replacement will take to complete.

Though it might seem like an easy question, there are many variables that go into how long an installation might take.

If you’re wondering how long your new roof might take to put on, here are a few factors that roofers consider when providing customers with estimates of how long the job will take.

1. Size of the Roof

Naturally, the bigger the roof, the longer it will take your roofing company to install it.

Smaller homes and buildings with easier installations can be completed in as little as a day while larger homes and bigger commercial buildings could take days or even weeks to complete.

Time is directly relative to size as well as the other factors that contribute to how long an installation can take.

2. Complexity of the Roof Design

A flat roof or a simple pitched roof are straightforward roof replacement designs that involve fewer angles, meaning the installations will be easier, and faster to do.

Structures that have more complicated roof designs with lots of angles, corners, and protrusions will take longer because each of those areas needs extra attention to ensure the materials are properly installed by the roofers and the installation is waterproof in those high-susceptibility areas.

3. Material Being Installed

Some material like asphalt shingles, metal panels, and certain flat membrane installations can be installed fairly easily and quickly.

Others like specialty shingles and some other materials may require a more complicated process to ensure a good installation.

The more detailed or different the roof replacement work is, the longer it usually will take.

4. Tear-Off and Damage Repairs

It’s important to also take the tear-off into consideration when trying to estimate how long roofers will take to complete your new roof.

Tear-off time depends on how easily the existing materials can be lifted off; asphalt shingles are fairly quick to remove while other types of shingles and different materials can take longer.

Additionally, don’t forget to add in any repairs that need addressing by roofers once the old materials are removed or if the decking has to be replaced.

Repairs can add days or weeks to a job depending on how extensive they are.

5. Size of the Work Crew

The size of the work crew is another very basic factor when trying to estimate the time it will take for a roofer to complete your roof replacement; the larger the crew, the faster the work will be completed.

This is why busier roofing companies usually have at least 4 or 5 people working on most jobs; they can get the job completed in the least amount of time and then move on to the next scheduled job.

6. Weather Conditions

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, any roofing job can get delayed.

It’s always preferable to work in dry conditions, within the temperature range suggested by the materials manufacturer since cooler weather can affect how well different adhesives actually adhere.

When conditions change suddenly, roofing companies may be forced to throw a tarp over the incomplete installation and wait it out.

7. Special Materials or Requirements

If your roof replacement requires anything special, it’s going to slow the process down.

Things like needing specific materials to preserve historic value, different materials or installation processes for especially unique architecture or roof shapes, as well as even extra-tall homes or those with especially steep and tall angles will increase the length of time to install.

Roofs like that require special scaffolding or safety equipment and contribute to a longer completion time no matter how large or small the structure may be.

So How Long Will A Roof Installation Take?

Though it’s impossible to say without actually inspecting a roof, this guide should help you figure out what factors relate to your installation and what a roofing company will need to do to complete it.

Most residential installations on average-sized homes can take roofers anywhere from one to three days; however, with any of these other factors contributing, that could change.

Time for commercial buildings must first look at size as some commercial installations are huge, then look at things like type of materials and the complexity of the installation process for those materials.

For the most accurate time estimate, ask your roofer when they come to do a complete work estimate of your roof!

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