As temperatures in Texas soar higher each summer and cooling costs rise with them, keeping your home or building cool is a priority.

Getting the right roof can play a prime part in doing just that.

Cool roof shingles installed by roof services are a great choice for roofing replacement when energy efficiency, cost, and appearance are all top concerns.

But what exactly are cool roof shingles?

Understand the factors that determine the coolness of any material so you know what to look for when discussing your next roof with a local roofing company.

What Is A Cool Roof?

A cool roof is one that is designed to reflect higher amounts of UV sun rays than other ones or provide an insulating effect that prevents heat arising out of UV rays from entering your house or building.

The three main factors that dictate how cool a roof will be are:

  • R-value - R-value or reflective value is the amount of UV rays a material will reflect rather than absorb; different materials have different R-values by their natural makeup.

  • Color - Darker colors absorb more UV rays than lighter colors.

  • Insulation - Good insulation doesn't allow heat from UV rays that have passed through the external material to continue down into the structure.

Improving home efficiency involves using a combination of these three factors to create roofing material and techniques to increase R-value and decrease heat absorption.

What Are Some Cool Roof Shingle Options?

Because shingles are a preferable roofing choice for many home and building owners in various climates, roofer companies are focusing today on creating super-efficient cool materials to improve cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Of all the shingle options now available that a roof repair service can install, these are the coolest and most energy-efficient:

  • Metal Shingles - When correctly installed with the right insulation beneath it, metal has always been one of the coolest, most reflective roofing materials available. Though it hasn’t always been so attractive, you can now purchase countless styles of cool metal-looking shingles that are metal sheets pressed to mimic the traditional look of various types of shingles.

  • Premium Cool Asphalt Shingles - Asphalt shingle roofs have always been very popular and many asphalt shingle manufacturers now offer premium cool shingles designed specifically to increase reflectiveness and energy efficiency. These shingles that contain extra reflective materials to increase R-value have a much higher reflective rating than even dark-colored standard shingles.

  • Natural Shingles - Not as common and somewhat more expensive, organic shingles like ceramic, terra cotta, and concrete are naturally insulating and absorb UV rays without actually releasing them into the structure. Paired with a reflective glaze or paint coating makes these materials even more effective in keeping the spaces beneath them cool.

Which Cool Roof Shingles Are Right For You?

There are many options available now when you want an energy-efficient, cool roof; however, you also want to stick to the traditional look of shingles.

Made in many styles and colors offered at various price points, it’s recommended that you discuss your needs with roofers who are experienced with these products and can help you determine which will be the best choice for your house or building based on their efficiency and other important traits.

With your new cool shingle roof installed, you’ll see the benefit in lower energy bills right away!

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